Entry: Peace Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day turns into night; then night into day, and with each passing I feel closer and closer to my God. He is ever present and knows my heart as well as my mind. My mind needs to be set right. It goes on it's own way sometimes. I pray that God forgive my unruly thoughts when they come. When I rein in the thoughts peace does return. My God, my peace, The Peace of God. i have found that in these later days of my own life I am at peace with myself as no other time in my life. God is so good and so faithful to walk with us. Walk at the pace we wish to go. Some of us are wary and some of us are eager to continue our journey. And each journey is different...none are the same. Our God weaves a tapestry of life of each of His sheep. When the tapestry is finished a glorious new sight we will behold and be intertwined in at the same time. Glory to God.


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