Entry: Wow, it's a New Year already... Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here we are already 10 days into a new year.  It really is amazing how time does seem to go faster as I get older.  All in all this has been a good year on a personal level.  No major health problems, thank God.  Never enough money of course, but that's a human condition that comes with our territory, right? 

Actually my life has changed very little in the few years since I moved into my own little house.  I still stay home 90% of the time.  That's out of choice.  I spend some time with Charles...either at his house or he at my house. 

In the last few months in addition to losing Isaiah we've lost Charles' son-in-law, Ray, to cancer and his last wife, Ida, to cancer.  He has a daughter and g'son of that marriage so we went to the services in support of his daughter.  

Right now we have snow on the ground here, and I heard we're supposed to have ice next.  Must be a good 3 - 4 inches of snow and so far it's not melting...so we stay home, and off the roads.  We don't have the equipment to clear the roads in Alabama AND people here have NO idea how to drive on slippery roads.  :-P 


January 17, 2011   07:13 PM PST
Stay warm!
January 11, 2011   04:41 AM PST
Hi, Rita.
It is nice to have heard from you again.
We have about one foot of snow on the ground now, but we are used to having a lot of snow. We usually have more than 3 feet of snow at the end of January.
Take care.

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